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How mankind has been controlled for 10,000 years

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What is Dragonwisdom?

My goal is your Evolution, my job is to break all the rules.

Healing Meditations

Every week I am holding free healing meditations with the energy of the blue Medicine Buddha. Helping people to help themselves. What people experience during these meditations is sensational...

Live Talks

Participate in exciting live talks with the most famous personalities within the areas of spirituality, personality development and consciousness research...


Within the member area you can access over 90 talks, your own meditation space with the blue Medicine Buddha with new healing meditations every week, and so much more..


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2-day intensive seminar

The only authority having the right to exist in your life is the one that serves you!

Philipp‘s live talks

Be there live when I am chattering with the most exciting personalities within the areas of spirituality, personality development and many more, and ask your questions right afterwards...

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My mantra...Screw it! My life, my rules, my responsibility...

Spiritual punk

I like to describe myself as a spiritual punk, although my name is Philipp Thurner in real life. Spiritual punk because I came to this world with a strong problem with authority and realized very early that not everything fluttering about is an angel, and not everything, or rather „nothing whatsoever“, that we are being told, is true...

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